Big Tech are not telcos and as such have none of the obligations common carriers have. They are “parterning with” (caving in to) oppressive governments around the world and selling out their influence which could promote civil liberties for the people of the world.

Their share of usage of undersea cables is up to 66% from 10% just 10 years ago. In 2020 alone big tech poured more than $90 billion into capital expenditures. They have already demonstrated that they can control what can be said and who can participate in the modern public square. A cheaper, more resilient internet is not a price worth paying for the threat this poses to the future of free speech, democracy, and innovation. Read the full article.

The right to freedom of expression, the right to freedom of assembly and association, and the right to fair trial are fundamental human rights protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and enshrined in many national constitutions (including Russia’s). To silence organizations such as OVD-Info, which provide legal advice and representation to people exercising their right to protest, is plainly contrary to those international principles. In recent years, we have witnessed a staggering increase in the number of repressive laws that criminalize the rights to freedom of expression and assembly and association in countries around the world. This dangerous trend puts tech companies’ human rights and ethics policies to the test. Read more on this.

It’s no secret that China wants to surpass the United States in world dominance, yet American elites continue to help the communist’s government’s ambitions rather than treating them as the enemy. Blinded by their ambition, Silicon Valley elites are helping Communist China achieve their ultimate goal: “Technology supremacy” over the West. To accomplish this goal, Beijing has created “civilian-military fusion,” which means any technological advance in the civilian market must be applied directly to the military sphere. And they have effectively courted and seduced many powerful people in America’s tech industry to willingly, and sometimes enthusiastically, play along. Learn more.