I believe in the “One True God”, whom on earth is called Christ, who provides the gift of everlasting life to those who believe in and embrace him, but I feel that true “salvation” is being constrained by the structured deity of an “earthly” God based only on Christianity, One whom is only here for us, on this planet, if we are lucky enough to have heard the “Word”. “Salvation” for un-contacted Amazonian tribes is a whole different debate.

This may sound a bit “out there” and extreme to some, but bear with me.

From extensive research, I know (for fact) that there are other intelligent and sentient beings from elsewhere in our galaxy with whom we [our government] have been in contact with (at least 57 different physical races from across our galaxy). Some of these “people” are close to us in development, having cities, governments and day to day lives much like our own. Older others have “ascended” to a much higher level of consciousness, awareness and physical “evolution”, but most still realize they are not omniscient and there is “something more”, something we all know, but cannot quite “reach”. Most have feelings, they love, they hate, they have family groups, they have flaws just like us. Some have beliefs and faith, some do not.

So where do we fit in?

Our Christianity seems so constrained to us “earthlings” and it does not openly address the “souls” of these other beings, from other far-off places. I’ve argued with my more intellectual friends about the souls of remote people here on earth. What happens to those, deep in the jungle, who have never had the chance to hear the story of Christ and learn of his forgiveness and the chance at everlasting life. They are “good people”, most live “good lives”, they love, they hate, they struggle just like the rest of us.

Do they go to Hell? Purgatory? Or does God go by many names to many cultures here on earth (and elsewhere)? Are non-Christian “gods” just a different perceptual incarnation of the “One True God” Christians worship? Bog, Yahweh, Gitchi Manitou. Do places on Earth [and other planets] have different stories, different “character” names yet a similar theology and lesson based theology as us?

As far as my connections and knowledge go, we’ve only come in contact with beings from a fraction of our own “average” Milky Way galaxy. On a grander scale, even the Milky Way is just a speck in the cosmos, smaller than a grain of sand on a galactic beach. There are probably hundreds of billions, trillions of other cultures out there, each in their own galaxy, their own solar system, residing on their own planet, with millions to billions individual people on each of them. Is their “god” our God?

Trillions of lives… Do they get the same chance at salvation?

Knowing that the “One True God”, I believe in, created the entire universe, I cannot help but to believe that every intelligent, sentient being in the entire universe is of his creation and has a chance at “salvation”, based on a doctrine that He created for each civilization, based on our own respective cultural frameworks, on our own respective worlds.

Our Galaxy alone is immense, the Universe is infinitely more so. We [Earth Humans] simply cannot be the only race of “people” that God has created and embraced with His grace. For a brief realization of the scale of the universe, check out the below video.

(Only a real nerd would notice, but the distance the radio signals travelled is “off” for the first few dozen light-years)

The above video is only what we have been able to observe and speculate on from earth with our limited knowledge and scope. There is so much more out there. Even possibly multiple universes with exponentially more individuals.

Some may ask why I bother to think about this stuff, but I do. Why should I only be concerned with Earth when there is intelligent life existing, flourishing, suffering throughout the universe? Some of whom we are in contact with in some way or another. Even if it’s just while reading a post on a blog, on a server, in a country, at this time, like now…

I am a small part of the movement for our government to reveal what they know about other cultures and, over time, allow contact between us and these other people, openly. The differences of our own societies forgotten, a new openness to the differences of others will awaken within us.

Regardless, in the end, when we become a part of the Universal consciousness, we will all know.

In the meantime, I cannot help but to speculate. I look beyond Earth, and to the sky, as generations millenia before me have. My two eyes, combined into one perception, when looking up, are probably being looked back at by millions of other eyes across the cosmos, wondering if they are the only ones out there, asking the same questions that I am, right here, right now.