With the U.S. “on fire” and everything going on domestically, there is news from Asia.

While the U.S. “Left” criticizes Trumps action against Hong Kong, so is the Communist Chinese Party (CCP).

So it’s pretty obvious that the left supports the same views as the CCP.

I tend to follow those who really know what’s going on in Hong Kong. Here is an excerpt from Michael Yon. Michael is an American journalist who currently resides in Thailand who was very actively reporting live, often streaming, from Hong Kong prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was actually deported from Hong Kong by the CCP…. That is the major reason I follow him and respect his views greatly.

From his Facebook post on this topic:

President Trump Announces what amounts to attacks on Hong Kong Economy and other Apparatus that benefit the Communist Party of China.

This is unfortunate but important to defeat the communist cancer. We must take this action. This definitive and clear move by President Trump is vital.

This is not an attack on our Hong Konger friends. Opposite.

This is the political and economic chemotherapy that President Reagan used to defeat the Soviet cancer. We sanctioned the Polish economy and government as we attacked USSR.

After arduous, perilous work, the United States and our allies defeated the Soviet Union, and today our Polish friends and many others are free.

The United States should offer asylum to authentic Hong Kongers, the native Cantonese speakers who are authentic Hong Kongers, but not to recent transplants from the mainland to Hong Kong.

After we defeat the CCP, Hong Kongers should be able to return home to rebuild and chart their own path, or stay in America as our latest Americans.

Authentic Hong Kongers should be offered the opportunity to join the United States military. This is the fastest path to sincere welcome in the United States. We respect our military and those who come from abroad, become citizens, and raise families in the United States.

Hong Konger “police” are brutal agents of the Chinese Communist Party. Enemies.

Neither they nor their families should be permitted to travel to the United States.

Warrants should be issued for the arrests of Hong Kong police and government officials who have been credibly accused of committing crimes against unarmed Hong Kong children and young people.

If these criminals travel abroad to Europe or other destinations under treaty, they should be detained to face charges for the many crimes against humanity they have committed. Their foreign holdings in the United States and other countries should be seized. Bank accounts and financial instruments and transactions frozen pending trial.

We have long memories. Millions of photographs. Enough video to circle the world a hundred times.

Hong Kongers should continue to photograph and video everything, even things that do not look important now.